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IIAP Guidelines - Strasbourg, 16.05.2014

Guidelines of the International Advisory Panel concerning submissions to it from NGOs

The Panel’s mandate provides that civil society shall have the right to contact and communicate freely with the Panel.

The Panel hereby informs non-governmental organisations (NGOs) that, should they wish to make submissions to it, they should do so in accordance with the following guidelines which are necessary to facilitate the Panel’s work. Submissions from NGOs should:

  • not exceed 10 A4 pages. In those submissions, NGOs can refer the Panel to documents already in the public domain;
  • be submitted in Ukrainian (or Russian) or in English;
  • be limited to matters directly concerning the adequacy of the investigation into the three relevant incidents described above;
  • be submitted clearly headed “NGO submissions” through the Panel’s e-mail address at iap@coe.int;
  • be submitted as soon as possible and, in any event, at the latest on 11 June 2104.

Receipt of submissions from NGOs will be acknowledged. The Panel will then decide whether any follow-up with the NGO is required.

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